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Papi Tashi – Face

Papi’s vocal vibrations on the track is as magical as the spell casting in the Halloween town. Orally cloning the fashion sense of Kurt Cobain. Tashi comes off as if he is surfing on the instrumental rather than riding it. From the very first listen of the song it almost ...

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Hopsin- Bus That

The wheels on the Hopin’s tour bus go ‘round ‘round a lot of stuff. Fraudulent beefs, pointless cow tipping, empty words, annoying violins, Tom and Jerrys, and every counterfeit presidents. Gyrating like spiral a pen in motion sentencing and prescribing bars for the prisoners of the moment. No subliminals, just ...

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Michael Trapson- Neverland Dungeon

OG Mano, otherwise known as Michael Trapson is a reincarnation of the late great Michael Jackson, if Michael were to have come back and make trap music. The rapper had gone viral in 2016 with tracks called, “Billie Jean and I Dab,”, “Take It There,” and”Peter Pan,”. Not only does ...

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