Billyracxx – Wonderland (Prod. by CTRL)

Billyracxx has made another sick and twisted plot for a single with wonderland! The filthy low down scoundrel Billy put on his most cerebral villainous hat and turned the tea party into a project x rave. The track from his highly anticipated project, flamingo and finches, dropped a bomb full of brown bag liquor and LSD on the premises of the music industry.

Being the florist that he is with gardens on gardens on toxic soil Billy is growing narcotics for your ears! Defying and disrespecting the norm and usual of the culture he Holly Holmes the landscape of the state of current hip-hop with his throwed off cuckoo nest stroke of musical genius being as efficient as Shawn Marion’s or Lonzo Ball’s jumpshot.

The melodic spell the song caste on listeners is bar none screaming louder than any song composition it shares an audio system with! Wonderland is the definition of drugs. Wonderland is the definition of fantasy. Wonderland is the definition of insanity. Billyracxx is an evil scientist and mad genius in this game!

Other rappers may have the juice or sauce. Billy got that ooze, slime, and chemical compounds that cause chain reactions when in contact with instruments or musical production!

LISTEN: Billyracxx – Wonderland (Prod. by CTRL)

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