Blac Youngsta “Illuminati Intro”

Showing us a much more humbler and softer Dr. Jekyll opposite in comparison and contrast to the boastfully flamboyant lavish Mr. Hyde we are, especially by this point, used to seeing on a web to web basis. Coming out the lion gates with the best “Tyler Perry productions” introduction, from any rapper ever, to introduce to us to a more down-the-earth Blac Youngsta sharing his testimony to the congregation and choir.

With cameos from the likes of Chiraq’s own Lil Durk in the pews. He ripped out a page from his book of life to tell us snippet of his life story until this point.

Expressing the gospel of his journey told by his point of view. The narrative take us through sceneries that define the setting of the circumstances and cards, that him and many of the ones close to him, was dealt.

Briefly giving explanations of his reasons for everything that he does. Team left twix or team right twix, you have to respect the man’s vowels professing his prayers highlighting his blessings.

WATCH: Blac Youngsta “Illuminati Intro”

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