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xxxtentacion – Maxipads 4 Everyone

Xxxtentacion is sporadically becoming the closet thing to Odell Beckham Jr. we may have in the music industry as of late. Being the diabolical maestro that he is, he’s imposing the threat to be the musical equilibrium to Tim Curry. He is as construed as the definition of construed could …

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Papi Tashi – Face

Papi’s vocal vibrations on the track is as magical as the spell casting in the Halloween town. Orally cloning the fashion sense of Kurt Cobain. Tashi comes off as if he is surfing on the instrumental rather than riding it. From the very first listen of the song it almost …

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Lyquin ft Shy Glizzy – Benefits

In the famous words of the son of Donda West, “ Now I ain’t saying she a gold digger, but she ain’t messing with no broke niggas”. Preaching the wise sentiment of no broad want a man who can’t do anything or nothing for her. Lyquin and Shy Glizzy so …

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Hopsin- Bus That

The wheels on the Hopin’s tour bus go ‘round ‘round a lot of stuff. Fraudulent beefs, pointless cow tipping, empty words, annoying violins, Tom and Jerrys, and every counterfeit presidents. Gyrating like spiral a pen in motion sentencing and prescribing bars for the prisoners of the moment. No subliminals, just …

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