Drake – More Life (Playlist Review) + Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal Streams

More life has given MORE LIFE to Drake. Drake has figured out the Bill Belichick music career game plan to win in this rap league. No one is doing more shows or better numbers than Jimmy in the wheelchair. Nowadays Jimmy is putting other rappers in wheelchairs as far as numbers, streams, and sells is concerned. When he dropped over he wasn’t lying, he meant it!

Drizzy has exceeded Jay-Z as the it guy in Hip-Hop and is planning dominance on music as a whole. You can call him fake, overrated, culture vulture, or discredit him for not writing his raps, but he is getting his and rightfully so no matter what wave he surfs. If he surfs it, Johnny Tsumani joined by Rocket Power can’t even knock him off of that big one!

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