Famous Dex – Big Blue (Shot by @LewisYouNasty )

Famous Dexter Aka Famous Dex dropped a new track recently named Big Blue.  His more more notable tracks are, “Took Time,” and “Wit Yo Bitch,”. The Chicago drill rapper has been on a roll with releasing new music with recent tracks , “No Reason”, and “Rich Forever Intro.”

Big Blue is a song about the Chiraq rapper’s experience sipping blue juice mixed with codeine.

Watch the video for Famous Dex’s Big Blue below:

[Hook] Pouring up a wock and the Big Blue (I did)
Don’t want to sip but your bitch do (Lil Bitch)
Looking at your diamonds so Fufu (ah-what)
A pussy ass nigga wear hoola-hoop (wait)

If they tell me get them I got them (what)
I pint sit call it Rocket (Lil Rocket)
Run in your house tell ’em drop it
Don’t want that bitch man I tell her to stop it


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