Kendrick Lamar – Damn (Review)

A Tupac Shakur Biopic named after and in honor and rightfully deserved homage of Makeveli’s last studio album before he was shot five times in a Beamer outside of a Mike Tyson Fight In Vegas has finally been shot. What else is new in the wild wild west? Oh yeah, Damn! It been awhile since we heard from Compton’s own KDot, with him being as low profile as humanly possible, you know, with him being a A-lister and all. Dropping a promotional track titled The Heart IV and a video for Humble not too long afterwards. Being another typical Kendrick album. Meaning new beat change ups, new flows, new cadences, new styles, and new chants and echoes.

Lamar may not have been the bulldog the Heart IV introduced us to, but he didn’t failed to give us food. There have been a lot of great album releases as of late: Rather you than me, DC4, I Decided, More Life, and Oh yeah…….4 your eyes only! Which opens the door for me to mention and acknowledge Jermaine’s HBO Documentary which aired recently. Damn being a reciprocal topping off the ideas of humility in success that rappers like Chance, J.Cole, and Kendrick preach so loudly in their music and that they based their music career off of.

One word titles and unexpected mid card features with a feeling of home that welcome everyone track and track like genetic footprints as king Lamar touched on political views, feelings of old, flashbacks, throwbacks, does it in a refreshing way that makes a bang and a shot heard all around the world that every coast and region can appreciate.

Stepping into a Nasir Jones stratosphere that very few is in, he got the classic album bug. Do you think this project has solidified King Kendrick Lamar as a rap god?

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