Khalid – Location (Music Video)

Imagine the Weeknd with that “Chauncy” from Blackstreet vibe and ooze. The layback and mellow added pigmented version of the contagious singer the Weeknd is gaining buzz for good reason. His song location has gained great commercial success. He’s has the jammers that make you hum and chant the whole song that makes it hard for you to turn him off or skip him on your playlist.

Get to know this free haired soul songbird while he’s climbing before you lose grip of the melody he drips. It been awhile since we had a multi-cultural and multiracial appealing artist or maestro that can attract all crowds like this product! If you’re looking for a dope enough sappy guy to chill with your guys and chill with your girl or side chick with throw this dog the bone, he has the anthems!

WATCH: Khalid – Location

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