Lil Ronnie MothaF- Situation (Video)

Google the word situation and you will find as follows:

a set of circumstances in which one finds oneself; a state of affairs.
“the situation between her and Jake had come to a head”
synonyms: circumstances, (state of) affairs, state, condition
“their financial situation”
the location and surroundings of a place.
“the situation of the town is pleasant”

This song and video illustrates just that. This song has nothing to do with Mike “The Situation” from jersey shore, but about macgyvering your way out of negative possible odds and a def jam blaze move if you have an issue pertaining to him. We all need bags. Not under our eyes, but duffle bags looking like loaded baked potatoes.

Warning and motivating the listeners while giving them something they can feel. It warms my heart that Dallas have a champ to root for. Dallas haven’t made some news in a while concerning our rap sheet, but Lil Ronnie is looking to make the Dallas rap scene a situation to be hold representing the logo on his cap with pride. Heating up trying to make stars with his plasmic saliva as venomous as a Texas Rattlesnake.

WATCH: Lil Ronnie MothaF – Situation

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