Lil Ronny MothaF x Go Yayo – Wait (Music Video) Shot By: @HalfpintFilmz

Obviously Lil Ronnie and Go Yayo felt as if a heat check should be put into effect. The two high ranking rap triple OGs are pulling cards! Don’t shoot dice or play dice with them if your dice are loaded because they’re not with the personas and role playing.
If you’re an actor play your role! If you’re an pretender take off the sheep clothes! If you’re a imitator stop copying and pasting! If you’re a phony show us who you are! If you claim to be a G, YG, OG, or GD let us see your resume before you represent and wear that flag! The weight on a thug’s shoulders are a heavy burden so don’t fake the funk because the professionals and veterans will put you up on game!
This song is a warning, ether, no vasoline, or nail in the coffin of the fool who pity the prestige of street soldiers! Salute to the street officers Ron and Yayo for putting these cats in order that think they’re bullet proof like Curtis Jackson! Breaking news : Your nine lives can and will be multiplied by 5! Do the math, that’s a .45 in your name. If Pac and Fif had to get shot carrying the cross of a thug what makes you think you can just discredit the title and position?
Salute to the duo for reminding them what it means to be about the shits! Long live the real ones who kept it real from day one!

WATCH: Lil Ronny MothaF x Go Yayo – Wait (Music Video) Shot By: @HalfpintFilmz

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