@LilRonnyMothaF – Up In The Air (Music Video)

Lil Ronny MothaF calls it up in the air, I call it a circus shot from deep! Dribbling on the beat making the guys and girlies cross and jig like a And 1 street baller. Your favorite rapper might be a fire breathing dragon, but his breath don’t stink and he’s a breath of fresh air, air ballooning like a functional Hindenburg. I don’t know if I should compare the track and video to schnitzel or chicken fried chicken. Either way it’s piping hot and fresh out the kitchen.
Going off on a limb comically on a turn that street smart and none alike can appreciate and feel. The only thing missing is the Goodyear blimp. With this one he took off from the free throw line. It’s safe to say that jetpacks in the future will have this track on its customized playlist under air it out!
I would recommend this for United airlines, but they might drag it too far even though it’s a banger. Speaking for everyone who saw red tails, Salute to you Ronny!

WATCH: LilRonnyMothaF – Up In The Air

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