LoveDon – Waste Of Time (Ft. BossmanGem & Papi Tashi)

These three, much like the answer, they don’t even need to try hard. Ball so hard, need a espy! Hard with the vibrations from start to finish. Strong with the waves from the get-go, enough radiation to gyrate a frisbee. The song was cooler than a Volkswagon van heading to San Fransico. Nice with the vibes. Super dope with the chops like Paul Bunyan draped in Sativa flannels. The big three had the hook sounding like a Michael Jordan shrug.

 I ain’t really try, I ain’t really try! 

Nothing short of an audio surf, something to be prepared for whenever Papi is on the track. If you don’t believe me check this one out. He is one of my personal favorite artists to write on by the way. You have to love the ride of it, very heavy dosage of sauce. No doubt a five-star groove rating approval from Huggy Bear if you want to talk Starsky and Hutch. My favorite quotable from the joint is:

Popped me a hulk, but I’m green lantern

The deliveries were priority mail smooth. I was loving the tie-dye melody from the instrumental, which was buzzing in synchronized ripeness. Vocals will have you floating as if you rented airspace. They brought the high altitude. This had all the ingredients for the flaming onion. This is hot stuff. This will put the goldfish in your stacks if you can dig it.

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