Michael Trapson- Neverland Dungeon

OG Mano, otherwise known as Michael Trapson is a reincarnation of the late great Michael Jackson, if Michael were to have come back and make trap music. The rapper had gone viral in 2016 with tracks called, “Billie Jean and I Dab,”, “Take It There,” and”Peter Pan,”. Not only does he look like Michael but Trapson has embodied the Pop King’s clothing, hairstyle, and dance moves.

The release of his new track, “Neverland Dungeon,” on 4/18/2017 has at least 11.2K views already.

WATCH: Michael Trapson- Neverland Dungeon

Some quotable lyrics include:

“Neverland, hella bandz
Tatted up, Mexican
Turn it up, trapson
With my goons and we swinging like Tarzan
I’m the king of the pop-pop
Your girl is a thrrrrrrot-thot-thot!
I might pull up in the drop-top”

Take a look.

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