Retro Hendrix x Marcus Muscogee – For A Min (prod. by Richie Beatz)

Thanksgiving just passed, but this tape will renew the sentiments of the great American annual celebration in your daily life. This country was built from the ground up and manifested through a desperate need to succeed no matter what. That’s what separates the guards from the frauds.

I said all that to say this, this project isn’t just great because of the quality and high level, but it’s also great because of the blood, sweat, and tears it was made with and inspired by. The same juice that motivated Bishop to double cross Q yet at the same time kept Nino Brown from putting a Cuban necktie on G-Money on several occasions. From start to finish the playlist exuberates the title of self-made.

Each song exerts celebratorily driven independence on the digital soundtrack from checkered flag to checkered flag. Proudly representing rags to riches. Every soundbite with the venom of a black mamba cutting off all snakes like a lawnmower. If you weren’t there when I was shooting in the gym don’t expect to be in the arena when I’m shooting in the game. No first or fifteenth, treat them like they treated you before the six rings. If they did you like a high school broad make sure you treat them like that when you look pretty.

I love it, this is great for the culture and brings a new look that the culture been starving for. This is what the culture been in need of, a tailormade substance with a new fragrance. Culture brand is the new wave. Salute your own flag don’t let others dictate what bandana to sport.

I should’ve known something hot was coming out the oven when the video for never again dropped unknowingly setting the table for the festivities. I would quote lyrics, but that would be unfair to the other lyrics that I could’ve quoted as well. Don’t miss out and check it out, you heard it here first. Don’t cheat your ears, good music does the soul wonders.


Listen below: Retro Hendrix x Marcus Muscogee

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