Shut up and think: Hip-hop isn’t dead……its actually evolving

It seems like nowadays everyone has a gripe with every tweak. Basketball purists has beef with pace-and-space small ball, which focuses on spreading and shooting rather than pounding. Older millennials have an issue with new gen millennials. Baby boomers have complaints about millennials as an whole. Hip-hop is no exception to this type of clash.

What is great about everything we are into? Evolution. We get bored with anything that is repetitive. The newer, the better. Nike and Adidas don’t release the same looking sneaker and use the same design, they mix it up. The logic is fit all. Which is why it confuses me that so many rappers and rap fans have 99 problems with everything that’s not ethically to their liking.

One of the reasons why hip-hop is so popular is because of the roach effect it has. It adapts and thrives due to adjustment. The history of rap and hip-hop has so many transitions that it’s hard to believe that it’s one of the youngest genres in the history of music. Rap is a babyface with similac on its breath in comparison to other genres in reality.

Nothing stays the same and that’s okay. We don’t like change that has an unfamiliar face. It’s nothing wrong with that, but one man’s junk is another man’s junk and vice versa. Utopia valued wood more than gold, diamonds was used as children toys rather than identification of wealth.

Must I remind y’all about what makes rap light years away creative growth wise. It doesn’t stand still. Just because you prefer apples it doesn’t mean you should knock oranges. Leave the new school alone.

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