@SouljaBoy – Stunt On Them Haters

SouljaBoy - Stunt On Them Haters

For all the hate Soulja Boy gets you’d think he was a one hit wonder nobody still searching for a hit. But that’s hardly the case. S-Beezy has managed to stay relevant in the music game since he dropped “Crank Dat,” and today he’s here to hit us over the head with another banger. Soulja Boy drops a new record called “Stunt On Them Haters,” which is based on the words Drizzy Drake said on their “We Made It” single. The song features Soulja Boy bragging about his cash and all the fly things he does to make haters mad. By all means Soulja, “Stunt On Them Haters.” Check out the new record down below and let us know what you think.


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