Trapbaby – H20 (New Mixtape)

Sensei Trapbaby of the trap dojo has mastered fire bending! The street avatar is the element and embodiment of a new age turnt wu tang. With the legendary Bruce Lee being remembered in the introduction as the doorway for the trapping martial bar emcee to wax all the alleged bosses on every level of the game.
If you like combat sports you should love this combat rap! This project will roundhouse kick each and every speaker leaving your device in a armbar. Figuratively speaking he came, he saw, and he conquered.
He not about the nonsense and this should be a crucial round three for anyone who is thinking about stepping in the octagon booth as this savage. Water is life and this brings life to the ears of the listeners. Don’t sleep on this bull because you don’t want to be left in a drought.
It even took me longer than usual to find the right words to use which is a testimony to this body of work flowing like the Brazos River or the Nile. Is the water good enough to drink from? It is for me, but you be the judge!

LISTEN: Trapbaby – H20 (New Mixtape)

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