Yung Coby – Kickdoor Diaries (Review)

Yung Coby putting these dudes on game while lighting up the street. If you a boxer or combat fighter come out to these and watch your opponent get shook! Bringing chills to spectators and listeners making rival rappers’ knees buckle. Straight outta KTX as a young officer outranking soldiers and urban patriots alike, he’s ringing bells and cleaning clocks by the hour. Street smart with the pen and book smart with the hood knowledge, you are watching a master at work.

Hold a cigarette or cigar to the speaker beehives and just buzz to this. The struggle, he knows. The hustle, he knows it. The grind, he knows it. The Fire, he breathe it. Touching multiple topics and subjects shooting from all angles like a Smith and Wesson or Dessert eagle. If the bullet don’t hit then he would make it ricochet and hit the circuit board so it stick.

Steady with the technique and patient with the cadence he bodies the whole tape. Spitting bars like he’s wrapping his hand with title boxing tape wrap. Set ups and punchlines wreak havoc on the composition like earthquakes of haymakers hitting the 808s.
Coby being a voice visual of a hometown hero or local champion. Check out the young bull with more caskets on his record than Chiraq!

LISTEN: Yung Coby – Kickdoor Diaries

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